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Create a Healthy & Happy Workplace with Self Service Vending Kiosk


vending kiosk
1. Improve employee productivity.

  • Healthy Foods increase energy and brain power.

  • Instead of fighting traffic and long fast food lines, employees can stay in the office

  • Healthy eating can reduce illness resulting in less sick days

2. Provide added convenience for your employees.

  • Easy-to-use self checkout kiosk with well-stocked Micro Market

  • No more vending machine hassle. stuck merchandise, cash not being accepted

  • More and more people carry less cash these days. Kiosks accept credit, debit, and even pre-paid employee cards!

  • Allow employees to deduct items purchased directly from their paycheck.

3. Improve the workspace environment.

  • Traditional vending machines can be eye sores; Micro Markets with Self Service Vending Kiosks create a deli or marketplace atmosphere where employees want to enjoy a snack or meal

4. There's no extra work or maintenance with a vending kiosk.

  • Markets are 100% set up and maintained by the market vendor.  

*According to the International Labour Organization "Poor diet on the job is costing countries around the world up to 20 per cent in lost productivity."

Unhealthy food options offered through the traditional vending machines at work affect morale, productivity and health of employees. Instead of traditional vending, Micro Market solutions open up the possibility of providing healthy options for employees.


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