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Retail Security Solutions: Prevent Shoplifting


ShopliftingThere are various ways through which retailers lose profits. Sometimes this loss is due to customer misconduct. Shoplifting is increasingly becoming a problem with retail businesses. provides an article, Shoplifting Statistics, showing how prevalent and costly this can be for retailers. Annually, retailers lose 13 billion dollars to shoplifters. This comes down to over 35 million dollars being lost every day. Another alarming statistic in the article states that shoplifters are only caught 1 in 48 times they shoplift. They are only turned over to the police half of the time. These facts clearly indicate that retailers need to take proactive measures to prevent shoplifting in their stores.

Five effective steps to preventing shoplifters:

  • Know how to detect a shoplifter“Spot the Shoplifter” at provides a brief description of customers to watch carefully:

    • Not dressed for the weather

    • Enter with another person and appear to be nervous

    • Display odd movements and quickly move from one section of the store to another

    • Cary large bags or take many clothes into the dressing room at one time

  • Make sure employees are taking actions to discourage shoplifting“What should employees do?” at has some good suggestions:

    • Greet customers as they come in the door

    • Help customers and be friendly

    • Keep the work environment well organized and keep items in place

    • Don't ignore customers by talking too much to co-workers

  • Be sure that the store layout discourages customers from trying to steal— “Store Layout” at has some helpful information:

    • Have an open layout where employees are able to clearly see all parts of the store.

    • Place mirrors on walls and in corners to expand this range of site for employees

    • Keep expensive items out of the reach of customers

    • Don't allow customers in certain areas of the store

  • Know what methods shoplifters use—Common Shoplifting Techniques” at provides a list of tactics:

    • Placing items in purses, bags, strollers, or umbrellas

    • Wearing clothes that facilitate item concealment

    • Carrying out large items, pretending to have already purchased it

    • Distracting an employee while another customer shoplifts

  • Purchase technology, to help detect and monitor shoplifters or suspicious customers—“Attention, Shoplifters” at provides some advice:

    • Video surveillance not only documenting shopper activity, but also alerting security of suspicious activity, such as pacing or taking ten items off the shelf. By being able to spot a potential shoplifter, employees can carefully watch them and prevent theft before it happens.

    • Install devices where shoplifters will not expect them, such as on shelves. Also have surveillance on the checkout kiosks. Employees will be less likely to give their friends a price discount that is not available for other customers.

    • Install smart technology on shopping carts, such as a device that locks the wheels when the cart reaches the perimeter of the store.

    • Utilize technologies that can detect items stored the bottom of a cart and automatically add the cost of the item to the customer's bill. This will prevent both intentional and unintentional shoplifting.

By following the above advice, retailers are taking action to prevent losing profits due to shoplifting. This illegal activity is prevalent, sometimes hard to detect, and always detrimental to retailers. Investing in these high tech security devices results in retailers both preventing loss, and reducing the amount of prohibited behavior by customers. Awareness of the general appearance, actions, and methods of shoplifters will assist retailers in knowing which security devices will be of most benefit to their retail stores.

Sometimes security devices are sold with software or hardware purchased by retailers. For example, ECRS's Self Checkout kiosks offer the option of low profile security cameras. Two other video cameras are also offered to customers. The AXIS 210 camera is great for indoor settings, and allows retailers to monitor activity from a remote location. Two way audio communication is also available in order to communicate with potential shoplifters or suspicious customers. Additionally, there is a camera ideal for outdoor settings. This KG-23VFXWeatherproof Color Moonlight Camera designed to record activity in almost complete darkness. The camera's black color is inconspicuous and will make it difficult to spot. ECRS provides these advanced security options because we care about our customers and wish to provide the best service possible with hardware and software products. Retailers with efficient security in place, will likely experience less loss due to shoplifters.


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